Broke Samsung S9+ from Music Magpie.


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Hello all.
2 months ago I purchased a recon Samsung S9 plus off Music Magpie. All has been working fine until today when it's screen has started flashing like a disco light. I've rebooted it and reset it back to factory settings but it's still flashing. I want to return it to them as I only bought it 2 months ago but the issue is this. The day I got it I cracked its screen. It's been working fine even with the crack in the screen so the issue with the screen is not being caused by the crack but is a software issue I believe. I have a funny feeling that Music Magpie will not offer a repair or replacement due to this crack as they will probably say the issue is being caused by the damaged screen. I feel like I'm stuck and I've thrown £300 down the drain. I guess I'm asking has anyone used MM to buy a recon phone and have they had any joy with getting a fix or a replacement or are they an absolute nightmare when it comes to returns within warranty?



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There likely to say the issue is with the damage that you’ve done.
Personally I’d get it fixed then send it back. A new screen should be about 40 if not cheaper.


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Have or rather are you willing to root the phone which may well sort out the software issue?
I did it to a Samsung a while back and although it might seem complicated I ended up with a perfect phone without all the bloatware that Samsung bundles.

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I'm not an electronics expert, but put the shoe on the other foot and pretend that you sold this to someone on eBay or here. Two months later, this person complains that the phone you sold to them has a flashing screen, but despite them admitting to breaking the phone on the day they got it, they don't acknowledge that it's perhaps sheer luck that the screen held out for so long, but instead explain to you that it's in fact a software fault and want you to sort it for them.

What would your response be? I'm fairly sure mine would be a two word response. The second word would be 'Off'.


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I can't argue that point. But I'm sure the issue hasn't been caused by the crack on the screen. The crack is small and has not expanded and it hasn't stopped the phone from working for the past 7/8 weeks.
This makes me think it's a software glitch.


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You have no idea what damage is behing the screen. A circuit could have been damage and has been getting worts of the period of time and now has failed due to handling, in and out of pocket/ bag. Probably now needs a new screen fitted.

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