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Broadband Wifi frustrations


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Got to a point where I'm fed up with sky (and my hardware tbh). Bit of history, but I'll keep the ramble short.. few weeks back broadband dies, quick check confirmed phone also down, tried the BT master test socket but no joy. Called sky who did some checks and confirmed a few days later the line fault was fixed - phones working again as is broadband.

However.. ever since this my connection speeds have been terrible, so on the phone to sky again to run some more checks. End result is that they are insisting my router has to be plugged into the master (or fixed) socket rather than the extension I've put into my study. Not a huge issue as I'm happy to use wifi, I can only get 3.5mb anyway so no real loss.

Problem is the wifi signal is terrible (I'm in a 4 bed house and the study is pretty much the furthest away from the socket you can get). I'm also using a shockingly bad wifi USB (Trend TEW424UB) and my dog recently had a good chew of the router antenna (Oops!)

So, here's the question.. I'm going to buy one of these to get a better signal:

Edimax 300n 2t2r Wi-fi Pci Adapter | Ebuyer.com
Edimax 300mbps Wireless Pci-e Adapter | Ebuyer.com
(dunno if my Dell Inspiron 270 takes ePCI or PCI but I'll check before buying)


Rather than buy a replacement antenna for my Sky Netgear DG834GT I've noticed loads of the newer Sky branded Sagum routers (Sagem [email protected] 2304n?). Can anyone tell me if simply plugging in the new sky branded router will work? I'm still a sky customer with an active connection but not sure if they need to update the MAC address on their system or something? not even sure they would entertain that..

Hopefully if all the above pans out I'll have a better, more stable connection!!
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Just plugging in another Sky branded router should work. I'd steer well clear of the new Sagecom though, it's plagued with problems, which seem to be (although not 100% confirmed) caused by wifi.

I've had one for a shade over two weeks since joining Sky. First week great. On the 8th day, wifi kept dropping, you could maybe do a bit of browsing, but try and download anything and down it went.

Numerous calls to Sky didn't fix the problem, they've sent me a new one, but they all appear to be the sagem that are being sent out.

I had 3 days where I could pretty much do nothing with it, but since last Sunday evening it's been fine. I don't know if Sky have changed anything their end, but the firmware appears to be the same.

If you want the full lowdown on this nightmare router, check out the Sky help forums, both official and unofficial.

Anyway, back to your wifi problem, have you considered Homeplugs? I'm a recent convert myself, love them and no more worrying about poor wifi signals.

Got a couple on eBay, £30 a pair.

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Yeh, Thanks for the heads up. I had heard about the issues and it seems specific to the sagums with C8C in their serial.. So I'll either buy a like for like or make sure I get a sagum off eBay with a different serial.

Like the homeplug idea, but for similar money I could (hopefully) get a stable wifi connection that'll also help my laptop, iPhone and htc


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Checked out the FAQ, good read & well written. Unfortunately it hasn't solved my issues so I guess I'll be going with the new wifi pci and eBay sky router :)

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