Broadband, tv, phone cheap introductory prices, then renewing later


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It seems most companies that do broadband and phone, or both and tv have cheap offers for new customers, and then the price goes up after 12 months. But the contracts are only 12 months. So how easy would it be to say take a 12 month contract with Virgin. And when the 12 months is up, stop it being renewed. And then start a brand new 12 month contract a few days or weeks later? I’m sure the companies must be aware that this is possible and must happen. But is it really that easy! And what things do you need to be careful of (eg. Trying to start a new contract after just one day), and are there any other disadvantages? I also tried contacting Virgin on Facebook, asking why you can’t lower monthly prices on packages if you selected a slower broadband speed, or didn’t want a landline. I mean broadband on its own seems same price as that and phone. I’d love the top OOMPH package which is brill value, but £100 a month is still a lot of money if your on a low income. So why can’t you lower prices by not having landline, or selecting 200/350mbpa broadband? Not many people use their landlines now, if ours rings. We don’t answer it, as you know it’ll be crap cold calling. Virgin in particular could gain a huge load more customers if they had these options. Lower costs not worrying about phones. I get they want to attract people to more expensive tariffs, but they’re not losing out allowing people to downgrade or omit certain services. It’s madness!


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It's all part of their way to entice you into going all in.

Virgin Media have a Black Friday deal reduced to £79 until Dec 2; they are offering this to existing customers too. I have disconnected my house phone, as like you said, it is generally cold callers



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Virgin Media don't allow you to sign off after your contract period has run it course and then sign imediAtely back up. You;d also be required to once again pay any associated installation or startup costs.

You'd have to wait another 3 months before you'd be able to sign up again.

What some do is flit between Virgin Media and SKY, stayong with each as a new customer for at least 12 months before leaving and joining up with the other. You'd still however have to pay for installation and setu costs each and every time you rejoin.

You anre not obligated to whatever bundled packages Virgin Media publicise and Virgin Media do facilitate cheaper deals if omitting certain services, but do not list these prices as packages. What the proposed bundles offer is a discount fortaking the services as a bundle. You can use the bundle builder on their site to work out gow much customised packages will cost you:

If you've already got an account, simply enter the postcode, but use a neighbours address to use the bundle price calculator.
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