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Virgin Media has said that broadband speed tests are unable to accurate measure its super-fast service.


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No problems here either.



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What is Virgins 50mb plan at the moment, I have the 20mb service ion North Lodnon and have not heard any news on upgrades.

Re the speed test issue while max speed are good measure a company that was in it just to gouge their customer woudl make gaurantees about minimum speeds.

I can get rock solid 20mb at 2am on a weekday but from 7 -12pm can be anyones guess often around 4-7.


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in my experience Virgin media have ripped off eveyone , total rip off.I down graded to the 2 meg pakage from 20 meg because i was constanly getting about 1.5 meg on a good day. No utorrents or such like :mad:


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thats the best iv'e had for ages


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explain that that then, :mad:


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May I also direct members to the relevant discussion section on your broadband provider :)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) -

Many things can affect speed. Distance from exchange, caps, number of machines on a home network, traffic shaping


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It looks like the London server can support pretty good speeds :D


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