Broadband speed split between devices?


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Jun 24, 2011
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I've just spoken to someone at VM and what they told me doesn't sound right.

I have the 100mb broadband package. I have an Apple TV (hard wired), a Mac and two iPhones (wireless - WiFi) connected at the same time.

She told me that the connection speed will be split between the number of devices connected, regardless of the bandwidth being used by each device. So if I have 4 devices connected, each one will be allocated 25mb of the 100mb available. So if 3 of the devices aren't being used, but are connected, they still take up 75mb of the bandwidth.

Does that sound right...?

She said all routers will do the same, so even if I used my own Apple Airport it would still divide the bandwidth by the number of devices.

This has come about because when I do speed tests from my phone I'm only getting around 30mb download speed showing up.


No, that's rubbish, even QoS settings would not split the bandwidth in this way. Using more devices will slow the system down, but bandwidth is not allocated in this way.

Wireless will shed some speed and your phone may also not be able to handle much more in the way of a connection either.

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