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I will shortly be going on broadband, I have I have a line coming in which goes to a box a line is taken off that, to an other room, and from that box a line is taken off to the computer room, only this room will ever be used for the computer how many micro filters do I need?

Chris Muriel

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You must be talking about ADSL then.
You need a filter for each point to which you have a phone connected. Unused sockets (nothing plugged in) do not require one. I should have said "voiceband appliance" rather than phone in that FAXES & POTS modems (including the 1 in the dreaded $ky digibox) also need filters.
Chris Muriel (1 ADSL line shared with phone, 1 separate ISDN line, 1 separate fax line,all BT + 1 NTL domestic phone line , cable STB & domestic cable broadband - wires everywhere).



Thanks Chris
Further to the above (I hope this makes it more clear???) the outside line goes to a box from it, wired inside the box lead goes to a other room but on the box socket I have a single to a duel plug that that supplies the Sky box and a phone.
The lead that goes to the other room is to a box from that is a plug a phone is plugged in and a lead goes to my computer room. I only use the computer in this room no phone is required.

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