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I've done a bit of digging around the VM official forum which seems to be policed by people who just like to say "you can't do that" and "it's against the T&C's" rather than give honest answers. I appreciate there are some shoddy DIYers out there and maybe they're just trying to dissuade them.

I'm going to have VM broadband only installed in a couple of weeks and I want them to use the hole where the sky cable comes in (sky will be removed) behind the TV. I'm happy to let them just put the Hub there.

My question: In the same area I have a wall face plate with F type socket that comes out in the dining room with another F Type socket (about 5m) could I potentially use that to put the hub in a more central location? I know the cable is good quality satalite cable with sound connections because I put it in myself. I've heard 'cable ingress' mentioned but is that likely to be an issue on such a short run?


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Just get the VM installer to put the hub where you want it. He'll run new coax to the hub. I have mine just inside the front door on a shelf, as that's the best place for good WiFi coverage.


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I have had an internal cable of decent but not the best quality satellite cable that I used with Virgin over the years that was approx 20m long, running from one side of the house to another.

I would personally say it hasn't been an issue but I would personally try and avoid it if possible. If only so if you do have any issues with your service the VM and the technician can't blame your wiring.

I only stopped using it when I had to have the cable relaid when I was having issues with GigOne, and a fault was found in the external cable. At the time they rerouted it to the router's current position.

The challenge with VM is that the voltages and signal to noise ratio have to be within tolerances for both upstream and downstream traffic or you start to get packet loss and when you have a number of clients it gets progressively worse. My upstream voltage was too high and that required the external cable to be replaced.

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