Broadband has stopped working.


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My broadband stopped working this morning. I called sky this morning and went through a series of tests. They first thought it was a faulty micro-filter, we replaced but this did not fix the problem.
When I phoned back they asked if I still had the broadband installation cd as I would need to reinstall to get the correct router settings. They are going to send a new cd as I havnt got the original.
Is this right!? Will the cd fix my issue?
For info - the router lights are green and flashing between (both) the power and the tick/test and the @/internet light.


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If the @ light is flashing on your router then it means there is something wrong with the BB connection.

Switch router off and switch off power supply. Leave for 10 mins then switch back on. If the @ light is still flashing then it is a connection problem and Sky need to investigate further.(See below as well)
Other things to try are replacing the ADSL cable.
Do you or any of your friends have a old router handy?(not including BT Homehub)
If so try connecting it up and see what happens. If its connection flashes for a while then stays on your Sky router is faulty.

Can't see how the setup CD is going to fix your problem.

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But, if the power and test light (the tick) are flashing then it may indicate a fault with the firmware on the router.


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Occasionally electronics can glitch up, especially consumer grade.
There may have been a glitch on the line which made it behave oddly.

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