Brits in America


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Wasn't she the bird from Eastenders?



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Guy from TV's Band of Brothers.

Guy from TV's Rome, Trainpotting, Hannibal Rising.

Yes, she is from Eastenders.

yeah shes got talent, and does some acting ;)

good to see the brits doing well over the pond.

Any amercians over here with their own uk made shows. :rolleyes:


Robert Vaughan in Hustle ;)

Also he was in The Protectors and round the same time you had Martin Lander and his then wife Barbara Bain in Space 1999.

It often was a shoe horn into American market to add a USA star etc Tony Curtis in the Persuaders.
Going back some time there was the likes of John Ireland, Richard Bradford, Joel Fabian, Gene Barry and more recently Michael Brandon (although some time ago).


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Anna Friel was excellent in Pushing Daises and I'll watch most things with Jack Davenport in and now really looking forward to Sophia Myles in her latest outing thanks to her Dr Who role and Tristan & Isolde (enjoyable nonsense).


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The pre-air pilots (presumably from that Blockbuster NBC preview DVD) are already doing the rounds, certainly Journeyman ( with McKidd and Life ( with Damian Lewis. Bionic Woman ( doesn't appear to be out (apart from the earlier pre-air from a month or two ago, but changes have been made since then), but may be in an hour or two ;) (and presumably that other show on the DVD, Chuck - 'a sci-fi dramedy' -


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also with our very own Jim Dale narrating :smashin:


I recognised the name but didn't recognise the voice and well it has been years since I've seen him on TV so assumed it was another performer.

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