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Hello everyone, I've been reading the posts on this forum for a while now and you certainly seem to know what you're talking about so I hope someone will be able to help me.

I have been in the market for good plasma TV for quite a few months and up to now I have been reading up and arming myself with info as to which screen is best for the cash. It seems to me that the Panny PV500 wants some beating for the money and that is the screen I have made my mind up on. Well it was until I arrived in the US last week. I stumbled upon a best buy store (as ya do) and a Panny TH50PX50U caught my eye. My first thought was this must be the US version of the PV500 and after a little research on this forum, it seems that it is. The PQ was amazing and at $3800 (£2250 ish, it is a steal. The sales assistant assured me that it would work fine in the UK until I pointed out to him that the inbuilt digital tuner wouldn't work for a start. I then ask him if it would be 50 hrz and 60 hrz compatible and he had no clue what I was talking about. This is basically an American Currys with about the same level of knowledgable staff.
Now, I'm certainly no expert guys but what do you think? Is it a goer? It's a 50" screen for basically the same price as the 42" over there. I could pick one up and have it shipped back with me next week. Obviously the power is an issue, the NTSC PAL thing is an issue, I'm not worried about the tuner not working as I will use the freeview box anyway. Please make me aware of any compatibility issues you know of.
Thanks in advance


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You need a decent stepdown costing £200+

Shipping on one panel will be around $1500.

Then you have 4% import duty and VAT to pay which is...

$3800 screen
$1500 shipping
converted to £
+ step down


You can buy a PHD8 panel and the speakers for nearly a grand less when you get home.


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Oh well, thanks for the info fellas. I'll carry on shopping around for a 50" set at home. Those Yanks don't realise how lucky they are lol.

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