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British Film Institute releases


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For all the film lovers out there, here's a list of Blu-ray Discs announed for release by the British Film Institute:

GAZWRX: The Films of Jeff Keen (Feb 23)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Mar 23)
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Mar 23)
Bodysong (Mar 23)
Of Time and the City (Mar 30)
Nighthawks 1 & 2 (Mar 30)
Pier Paolo Pasolini's Trilogy of Life (Apr 6)
Winstanley (Apr 6)

A little bird tells me thatr any films which have had a high def master made for a previous SD DVD release will probably get a look in in the near future.

I know that definitely includes Michael Powell's The Edge of the World, and I think (I certainly hope!) it includes Jack Clayton's The Innocents.

Now that would be nice!

Steve W


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HD is definitely gaining ground in the UK now, partly with Sky putting more HD channels out and the DSO including plans for DVBT-2.
Would love to see The Innocents on BD. It's a stunning looking film as shot by the great Freddie Francis and I love B&W CinemaScope.

Good to see that the BFI bringing out more titles, though I'm not sure how well something like the Nighthawks films will show off HD. I'm not saying they shouldn't get released on BD, I just wished they'd pick some more visually arresting classics to start off with.


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Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but are all BFI releases coded to Region B? The reason I ask is that I have some pre-release copies that are region-free, but since they are promotional, I don't know if that is indeed how final product will be.


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I have my answer now. Some BFI's are coded to Region B and some are region-free. Here's a list of all their region-free titles:

* GAZWRX - The Films of Jeff Keen
* Nighthawks
* Primitive London
* London in the Raw
* Magick Lantern Cycle (Kenneth Anger)
* Separation
* Anti-Clock
* The Other Side of the Underneath
* Penny Points to Paradise/Let's Go Crazy
* The Bill Douglas Trilogy
* Comrades
* Winstanley
* All the Right Noises
* Herostratus
* Man of Violence/The Big Switch (aka Strip Poker)


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Does anybody know if there's any intention of releasing a Matter of Life and Death & A Night to Remember on Bluray?


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Winstanley has caught my eye, I'd not heard about it until recently. I was aware of Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo's work after reading about It Happened Here a few years ago and finding it impossible to get hold of on dvd (US deleted release). In fact it's just now that I've noticed that it's been re-released :thumbsup:

Anyway, I think I may give Winstanley a look at some point.

Does anyone know whats happened to the Of Time and the City blu release? It seems to have vanished without trace :confused:


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According to MovieMail it's due on Blu from BFI 9th Nov priced £15.99...

The Innocents Blu-ray | Horror | Films by Movie Mail UK

Can't find it listed anywhere else yet though.

It's a must buy for me too, a superb film.

You'll have to excuse me; I've just had 'an accident' at this news.

Does anybody know if there's any intention of releasing a Matter of Life and Death & A Night to Remember on Bluray?

The last I heard on AMOLAD was that ITV DVD (who did Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes on Blu-ray Disc) were not involved in funding the recent SONY re-master of AMOLAD and so weren't about to release it. They've released on DVD before (when they were GRANADA). but the BFI weren't involved.

If the BFI were to release a re-mastered Blu-ray Disc of AMOLAD I would have multiple 'accidents'.

Steve W


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Not a BFI release, but I've just noticed The 39 Steps is also coming out :thumbsup:
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The DVD was superb, and quite recent. It was taken from a high def master which had been newly done, so here's hoping.

Steve W

Yeah, I've got the DVD and it is very nice. All being well it should be a cracker.

I think this could be my second DVD-BD purchase that thus far - save for Bird With The Crystal Plumage - I've managed to resist!
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Re those great British films of the past,I haven't seen any reference to the greatest of them all (at least one of the most enjoyable,surely:)) Room at the Top. Now there's a mighty film....a real cracker with the very best of British actors fronted by the outstanding Laurence Harvey(who was actually Lithuanian) and the unforgettable Simone Signoret. A genuine "must have"classic and very highly recommended.


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Latest news on The Innocents Blu-ray Disc.

The provisional release date for the film is now the 2nd of November.

It should contain everything from the original BFI SD release, and possibly a little more.

The initial release will be HMV exclusive for 3 months.

All of the TBC, but definitely expect it before the end of the year.

Steve W

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