Bristol show very good



Hi all
This is my first time on av forum
Just attended Bristol show and was blown away by some of the HD CONTENT from plasmas. Can't believe how they've come on in the last 12 months.
I thought the demo rooms were excellent from the likes of Yamaha, What hi-fi, Denon & Rel and was equally impressed by Sonus, who even though had a tiny room still managed to demo the benifts of their multiroom product.
SKY HD was a real let down. They claim to be the front runners in HD content but had no live feed at the show and seem really unsure on all the issues I raised such as cost of box, subscription, hard drive capacity and launch date...Gutted!
Had a go at winning all the cutting edge gear on AVFORUM stand by setting the fastest laptime on project gotham racing but crashed & burned setting a terrible 59second lap!


Hi welcome :)

It's maybe a bit unfair to criticize the Sky people at Bristol for being unsure about the details you asked about, it's not a case of them being unsure rather that this information purposely hasn't yet been made public.

The official announcement by sky is thought to be getting pretty close and will be all over the sky+ forums as well as no doubt the media in general as soon as it is released.

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