Bring On The Financial Meltdown!


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For years i have watched the greed in everyday life spiralling out of control. I've longed for judgement day, and it's fast approaching. Everyone only has themselves to blame. Hear me out.

I'm a full-time worker, and have never claimed £1 in my life. However i've always been disgusted that owning a house was well out of my reach. Well one that i would not be a slave too for the next 30 years. I've watched all the immigrants single mums, and parasites take my hard earned taxes, like pigs at a trough. I've watched the greedy profiteers who own multiple houses buy up all the free ones, and rent or sell them on at massively inflated prices.

You tried to ruin my life, but now its backfired on you. Wouldn't life be better if houses were worth what they really cost. ie £30k for a 1 bedroom flat (which is all i want) not £170k! Wouldn't life be better if we were not all slaves to expensive houses that are artifically bumped up by greedy property developers, estate agents, and profiteers. We wouldn't have to work all the overtime going and would have far more time with our families, not to mention more dispendale income.

I'm proberly going to lose my job so i can't see how things are going to get much worse if the banks are bailed out. Let them all fail! The playing field needs resetting. Let house prices fall. These bailouts are only for the super rich. As i've said i've already more or less being told i will lose my job, as will hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. Let the banks fail! Teach the bastards a lesson. :thumbsup:


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that was quick you working for MI5 now ian


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that's all well and good, and well done ian but what exactly has marty gained from that?
i wanna know what he does for a living now lol...


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was hoping to find out if he'd finally popped his cherry, left his single room at his parents, got a job that pays substantially more than his old one (that would never have got him a mortgage for a treehouse in a crapper), stopped wasting what little cash he had on geeky shiny swords that would embarrass a teenager let alone a thirtysomething man, and perhaps grown a brain cell or three


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Banned with a post count of zero! Is this a record?

Do you think he's posting this on every forum he can find or did he think the worlds premier AV Forum was the most appropriate for some strange reason?


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pmsl, i want, nay NEED, to see the sword pic


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Ian should be working for MI5 ..... the way Marty cunningly disguised his user name by taking one so different was masterful .... :rolleyes:


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I wasnt refering to the username steve, ian has now managed to quietly glide through the forums without being noticed so if he is keeping tabs on you,you cant tell becuase his name does not come up on the recent visitors caption at the bottom of your user page;).
Also to close the thread in sharpish time and ban marty was really quick
did he just manage to stumble across the thread whilst online or did the avf intruder alarm go off we will never know
all in all MI5,CIA tactics matey imo


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He owns his own forum now:

- however no swords here yet: :( :D

LOL, i liked Regan too. He might have had his slip ups, but he was a big player in bringing the Cold War to it's end.

I used to love it, when Regan and Thatcher were in charge. Like Regan, Thatcher brought in some very unpopular laws like the Poll Tax, but she was strong and would never have allowed the mass immigration we see in the UK today.
... and he's kicked off one of his typical threads @, attracting a bunch of like-minded types


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:eek: how did you find all that out Krish ?

and does he run it from his single room at his Mums ? :D
Was bored, googled martyb2k and martyb1975 (+ sword, as well :)) ... only took a few clicks. He's made similar posts on financial meltdown at a few places, and hasn't been too shy on the matter of "I Just Bought A Bad-Ass Sword! (Pics Inside)" or "I Just Bought A Real Epic Weapon! (Pics Inside)" at a few places :rotfl:

.. sadly those "Pics Inside" had disappeared :D

What with his gaming, UFOlogy, forum administration, and sword polishing, I wonder if he gets much work done, and if his previous AVF username suffix was a reference to his salary

EDIT ... his old AVF profile page now "has had 99 visits" :eek:
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Deleted member 36193

What am I missing here? Everyone except me seems to know a lot more about this.:confused:

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