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Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by Bristol Pete, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    Had a brilliant weekend in Wigan with the team I help to coach, the Bristol Aztecs Youth Team. I am a welfare officer and snapper for the team and all stuff goes onto BBC where possible to promote the team and the efforts of the children of whom many are from disadvantaged backgrounds, homes and perhaps less academic than some.

    However, we have turned them into a great multicultural winning team with great ethic and spirit and its a joy to be working with these kids and they are a credit to Bristol, the Aztecs and themselves.

    I drove 18 of 30 upto Wigan and I can tell you it was brilliant once again. If I could bottle the essence of youth and sell it on e-bay then I would be a rich man. Then again, patrolling hotel corridors for noise at 4 in the morning does sap the energy.

    Story here -

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