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Yeah...I know, most of us here had the PSVR for 5 or six years now and probably moved on (maybe got yourself a Quest 2....right @Goooner ? traitor hehe) but if you are still a PSVR enthusiast (like me), it's never too late to improve your VR experience. And something like this, might.

Last month, on the recommendation of a German friend I play Racket Fury with, I bought this inexpensive cable management solution:

Amazon product

And boy, it's absolutely given me a totally worry free freedom for my more vigorous physical area space movement in VR gaming. Before I installed this new pulley system, I thought I had a reasonably good cable management system where I feed the cable through a loop on the side wall and then have the cable route around behind me. That almost gave me full freedom with no cables in front of me but occasionally games like Racket Fury and Creed have me stepping backwards and stepping onto the cable...and I think that might be a possible reason for the death of my first beloved PSVR.

But this pulley system just works brilliantly. Having the cables overhead is an obvious solution but how do you control the slack as you move around? That's not so obvious. Answer: auto retractable tension pulleys. i.e. this kit.

The tricky part is the arrangement. You need to have slack between each pulley and the nearest pulley should be above your head in your "home" stance position to avoid any tugging feel. This kit gave different solutions for mounting. I went for none of the solutions provided and none of the pattern arrangements it suggested. Because I don't want to stick adhesive hooks on my ceiling, as the adhesives are really strong so getting them off will peel the paint off for sure and I didn't want to bore holes in my ceiling either to screw in hooks. Also, I want total flexibility in arrangement with trial and error without drilling wrong holes and mis-positioning the adhesives.

So what I did was screw in two hooks on my back wall and two on the front wall lined up near the ceiling. I then hook up two nylon strings from back to front wall with four more nylon strings fixed perpendicular between as "rungs", creating a ladder web as you see in my picture. Its useful to learn the Alpine Butterfly loop know to achieve tautness on the strings. I then hook up each pulley to the middle of each rung except the one near the front wall (I only needed three, but the pack came with six!). The front wall rung has a loop (I used a cable of chained cable ties to create the loop) for the PSVR cable to clamp onto but I don't want it to be a pulley as I need to make sure the cable never tugs at the control box.

I then affix hooks with cable ties on appropriate positions on the PSVR cable such that I have slacks in between but making sure none of the slacks drop in front of the camera's line of sight to the headset because that would obstruct tracking if it does. So here is a not so great photo of my setup. The camera angle is from above the strings so it looks as if they are in front of the camera but they aren't. I'll try take a video of myself playing racket fury or boxing if any of you want to see.

DSC_0153 (2).JPG also might be wondering...are those paper clamps?! Yeah, I use them to prevent the pulley sliding on the strings! I know it's a bit of an eyesore but if that is a concern to you, you could come up with more elegant solutions...maybe employ the aforementioned alpine butterfly loop and hook the pulley onto that, just make sure the loop is as small as you can get it as you want the pulley as high up as possible to avoid obstructing the camera.

The result is a great relief of total freedom of movement to full area of camera range tracking. So it just takes a minute to hook the PSVR cable up to the pulleys for a session and even less time to unhook them after I have finished.

But yes, the sight of the pulleys and strings can be an eye sore! But the nice bonus with my solution is that if the spouse threatens you with divorce papers, you can simply unhook the whole "ladder" from the four wall hooks and put it back on when you play VR or when your spouse is in a better mood! Thankfully my family are not complaining and they are even planning to use the lines for hanging Christmas decorations, lol.

Anyway, just wanted to share this in case you are interested and didn't know about this product (there are other similar products and I see an upgraded one with better clips for a tenner more) . And if you already know or use this...why the hell didn't you tell us about it earlier! Five bloody years, a broken PSVR, and only now I know about this?! :)
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