Brilliant ATI 9800 deal at



I followed the thread over at the overclockers forum, and I dont think it is quite the 'deal' everyone is making it out to be over there.
Sure, good card good price, but ATI cards are dropping in price all over the place, Saphire 9600 RTL's are down to £60!
This price was expected to be honest and other Powercolor's in the range are just as cheap if not cheaper elsewhere than overclockers ie Komplett.
But well done to people who have been patient enough to wait for the price drops :clap:
can't go wrong now


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umm i didnt wait
i went out and bought the gforce fx 256 a couple months ago :(
big mistake that was !!


Isnt the Powercolor card supposed to be a bit dodgy? I have heard to these cards not working sometimes....


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i had a PC Radeon Pro 128ddr and it was really quite an amazing buy, but after about 8 months of use i had problems with it
After about 30 seconds playing any 3d game my pc would just switch off, then wouldnt let me turn back on for a few minutes, some times even a few hours !
i cant put it down to being Powercolor because my mate bought it off me and its worked fine ever since


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I've also seen reports of this brand being left a little wanting in the quality stakes.


Originally posted by drummerjohn
Powercolour use cheapo memory - no way of overclocking when future games require more power.

Thats not true. It depends. Some use Samsung 3 ns memeory and the y clock to pros.


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PowerColor are not dodgy at all.

All in all the PowerColor ATI 9800 is a very nice card.

Powercolor seems to be a good brand, We have have the ATI 9800 Pro and the ATI 9600, both very nice cards.

We also have the Sapphire Atalantis ATI 9800 Pro and had the Sapphire ATI 9800.

The PowerColor and Sapphire ATI 9800 Pro are pritty much identical, the ram is both Samsung memory at the same speed.

I have benchmarked them on a pair of identicle machines.

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton)
Epox EP-8KRA2+ Motherboard (KT600)
1024 Megabytes RAM 3200 (@333 DDR)

ATI CAT 4.1's, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4).

3D Mark 01, 3DMark 03, Aquamark, Code Creatures, Shader Mark 2.0, Marko Dolenc's Fillrate Tester all report the same scores (numbers within 1% due to benchmark fluctuations).

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