Brightness problem with Samsung UE32D6000

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by MegaMadPenguin, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Hi.:hiya: First of all, I apologize for my english, since it's my third language.
    I bought months ago a Samsung LED 32" D6000 TV and I use it for everything, games, bluray movies, TV, PC etc
    Everything was perfect until i started noticing blocky shadows while playing Assassin's Creed III on Wii U, but thinking it was due to compression or something (I'm ignorant in this subject :\), I didn't care much about it. :facepalm: so now I can't really say if it's been gradual or since the day i bought it.
    Then, by playing other games and watching movies etc, I noticed it there too.
    And black areas weren't just blocky, but unnaturally coloured. :confused:
    So I re-used my calibration disc but everything was perfectly calibrated... but I noticed something about brigthness, helping myself with an Amnesia (pc game) screenshot, a game with lots of dark areas.
    When the brightness is below 45\46, that blocky\coloured black thing happens, but the blacks actually look good.
    Above it, it doesn't happen, but the blacks are more like dark

    Brightness at 46: greenish black (?!)
    Below 45: normal blacks, but blocky and "coloured"
    Above 45: REALLY washed out blacks, but no artifacts at all. It's really a big difference.

    Also, below 45 it doesn't look like things really "fade" to black, but actually stop and become black.

    I even tried other calibration discs but all of them suggested a brightness lower than 44 (my room is quite dark,even with the light of the sun from the windows and I don't like the reflection with my lights on)
    I have to say that blacks look washed out with light on,too. (Not as without lights ofc)
    I tried other HDMI cables or touching other picture settings but it's the same.
    Switching Dark tones on does the same artifact thing as brightness does.
    Backlight level doesn't help at all.
    If there's a solution to all of this (it's driving me crazy) or if it's normal, please reply.
    The samsung centre is quite far from here and that's the only tv i have.
    Thanks to all of you!
    PS: if you need pictures, i can make them, i just need to recharge my camera phone.
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