brightness/contrast/cell light question

Hi hope someone can help me .. i always watch my e6500 in a dark room environment and prefer it with quite a low brightness (prob below 100cd) as i find it a bit dazzling otherwise.. the problem i have is that when i use my video essentials blu-ray to set these things using the test patterns i find that i lose shadow detail unless i set the brightness above what i would ideally like ..
is there a combination of contrast/cell light etc.. that would give me more shadow detail without having it set really bright?

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i would put cell light at minimum then adjust contrast to get light output you want, then adjust brightness. Many displays are incapable of showing the darkest detail without raising their black level to show noise in the blacker than black area. If this is the case with your set then you just have to choose between crushing a little black detail or seeing it and having less contrast....personally I would choose the former. Use of external video processing can often resolve these problems.

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