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Brightness banding on MCE Live TV - any video signal experts?


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I've upgraded my Sky connection to MCE via the Maplin RGB-Svideo connector and am very pleased with the improvement in the picture quality, especially when combined with the latest nvidea codecs.

However... I have a difficult to describe problem: a sort of brightness pulse that starts at the bottom of the picture and progresses to the top, then starts at the bottom again. Like some sort of interference wave. Its very slight but especially noticeable in dark scenes or when the titles of a show/film scroll. I've attached a picture to try to show it on the Simpsons credits- you might need to adujst the brigtness to see it but it is most pronounced when moving. It moves from top to bottom in about 5 seconds.

Some sort of interference? dodgy rgb-svideo converter? any ideas?



  • banding.JPG
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Its interference of some sort, probably internaly in the converter or PSU.

Has it got an external PSU, if so try swapping it with another if your lucky enough to find another from something else.

Check all cables and grounding/earthing connections. Try not to buy any new cables but see if you can try some others.

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