Bright center for Denon 1910, to replace a Diamond


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I have a Denon 1910 and Wharfedale Diamond 9 speakers: center, 9.1 fronts, 9.0 rears, 150SW sub.

I'm quite pleased with all, except the Diamond center, so I'm looking for recommendations for another center speaker with a bright sound. Not a very big room, so volume is not an issue, but clarity is very important.

More details about my problem: despite all my tuning efforts, it just sounds bad: voices are muffled, boomy, no clarity. It's particularly bad with SD content (e.g. SD TV, AVIs), though it is better with HD/Dolby TV channels, HD MKVs or blu-ray - maybe because they have a separate center channel?

The speaker is not faulty. I tried many settings in Denon: higher crossover for center, bump the treble to the max (although it doesn't seem to make a difference), tried different profiles (with/without Audissey), re-run calibration etc.

I think the Diamond is just a bad match for Denon 1910. So, can anyone make any advice for a better matched center? Something with lots of treble, clarity and punch.

Thank you in advance.

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I'm in exactly the same situation, but with an older Denon 1905, and Diamond 9.0's at the front.. Dialogue on the centre is muffled and i end up adjusting the volume all the time between action scenes and dialogue sections in films.

Any tips would be appreciated, I'm thinking a 9.cs centre might help?


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I'd be interested in peoples recommendations given that I'm going to purchase a denon avr3311 and have a W 9.0 centre.

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