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Hey guys, I've got a denon avr1603 5.1, nice amp, its got a front channel a/b speaker selection so i can have four speakers on the front channel, i was wondering if i wanted to crank it up real loud could i bridge these speaker outputs so i can run two speakers at higher power then four speakers at the normal power? Or would it be dangerous for the amp? Would it blow possibly?


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You can bi-wire a single pair of speakers to both the A & B speakers terminals, but this does not mean that the speakers will be receiving any more power as they are not separately amplified channels. The only difference would be that you could separate the high (to A terminals) and low frequencies (to B terminals) to the speakers. But you would get little (if any) noticeable benefit from bi-wiring your fronts in this way.

Many modern AV Receivers are 7.1 and offer Bi-amping, allowing you to connect a 5.1 speaker setup and using the extra 2 amplified channels to bi-amp the fronts. This means that the high and low frequency drivers will each have their own separate amplified channel. I have mine setup like this and there is a small but noticeable improvement.


In addition: More power has nothing to do with more volume. Speakers - at least the quality speakers - reach their maximum volume far below the maximum power they are willing to accept without to distort or being destroyed.

Some of the most expensive speakers in the market reach the max volume at 15 Watts input.

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