Bridging a NAD C370 & C270


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Dec 23, 2001
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Does anyone have any experience with bridging a NAD C370 integrated amp with a NAD C270 power amp? In theory, this creates a stereo amp delivering 300 wpc into 8 ohms! Can anyone tell me whether this delivered real sonic benefits compared to a single C370 ?

I currently have a C370 & can get a cheapish C270. How would such a combination compare with, say, a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated?

Rather than bridging, I would use an amp per speaker.
C370 & C270 are exactly the same animal (C270 obviously does not have a pre amp built in).

I would use the C270 on the left speaker and the C370 on the right.
Feed each of the amps two left pre out signals or two right signals. Each amp will then play 2 channel mono.
This improves separation and crosstalk to some extent.

Run the R channel into LF and the L chanel into MF or HF inputs (asuming your speakers can be bi-wired/bi-amped).

those two should be able to easily out drag a single MF A308.
Hello Wookie,

Thanks for the reply.

The dealer said exactly the same thing !! Unfortunately, my speakers only have one set of binding posts and so bi-amping isn't an option.

Why would bi-amping deliver better results than bridging?

Less distortion and twice the current!
The amps damping factors are also doubled and this improves driver control.

Really grabs the drivers by the scruff of the neck so2speak.

But I guess you will have to put up with 3OO "clean" WRMS per speaker then won't you!
That combination although powerful would not even get close to an MF A308. I have listened to both systems and can say that with absolute conviction and certainty. Power is one thing, power control and then some musicality thrown in is a totally different matter.
Have a look at some of the reviews of the C370 at From what I can recall, some have also bought a C270 as an addition and talk of their experiences.

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