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Jan 4, 2005
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Grantham, UK
I have a 5-channel AB Cinema power amp rated at 300W per channel @ 8 Ohms. I used to use this in a 5.1 system but am now just running a 2-channel stereo system with Naim pre-amp.

Seeing as I have 3 spare channels on the power amp is it worth me running in bridged mode which would give me 1000W @ 8 ohms or would I see no improvement in sound quality?

Do I risk damaging my speakers with that much power?
Power is drawn, not sent. Provided you do not turn the volume knob too high, you cannot possibly damage your speakers by using behemoth power amplification.

Bridging doubles the voltage swing and the available power. However doubling the voltage quadruples the power drawn. It is therefore important that the speakers lie within the specification given by the power amplifier for bridged mode, specifically their (minimum) impedance.

There would be no improvement in sound quality with bridging. You'd gain 3dB greater headroom (you can turn the volume 3dB higher).

Bi-amping would be a safe alternative (if offered by the speakers).
Thanks, only single terminal speakers. May be time to sell the 5-channel power amp and get a 2-channel one instead.

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