Bridge of familiarity


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This is a very interesting story from back when the Internet was known as the information highway! A rare glimpse on how industries and co-operations work and the levels of research into conditioning consumers!
This is describing the iPad in ability and function almost 17 years ago!
The bridge of familiarity is obviously the major aspect of Apple Inc MO!
Good news is that I got a magical gadget out of this!

Good morning!

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A few comments seem to suggest it's fake? It's cool if it's not though.

Ipads are like those things used in star trek, so they called it first :D


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Knight-Ridder and Roger Fiddler oh please :laugh:


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I don't think it fake! Found videos of him when I googled him! I agree there are very few things on line that you should trust nowadays but this looks legit!


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As fake as Bin Laden's death!

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