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Can anyone recommend a good bridge camera with EVF. My previous post to ltry and find a compact with a viewfinder for around £250 didn't have much success. The G12 was looking good until I read that you couldn't even zoom when videoing?

So I'm wondering if a bridge with an electronic viewfinder will be any good. Obviously I'd like it to be as compact as possible and again I am happy to go with a prior year model maybe where the price has come dwon.

Any recommendations?
go to fuji and buy a refurb hs20

out of stock at moment but always in and out use code P832A4V3T8MES and total price will be around £170

great camera

about £280 for a fuji x10 again from refurb site using the code gets you a stunning compact with viewfinder x10's are a really great little compact
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Personally I hate bridge cameras, if it were me I would spend a little extra and get a Panasonic G3 for £300 (Argos £350-£50 cashback) and you get nearly as good image quality as a DSLR, but miles better than any bridge or G12 type camera around your budget.

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Thanks for the advice on the g3. I looked on argos and it is reduced from £490 to £350 but theres no mention of £50 cashback?

Can you tell me what the zoom power is on the lens as I'm a complete novice and not sure what 14-42mm means?

So to start with would i be able to use straight out of box on auto and am i able to zoom in and out whilst shooting video?

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you can get the g2 refurbished with 12 month warranty from tesco and i read that the g2 had the automatic eye detection when you moved from lcd to evf. but it only shoots 720 video?


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The G3 is a micro four thirds DSLR (Lens' can be changed). It has a slightly smaller sensor than a DSLR, but will give you very good quality photo's.,
14x42mm zoom is the kit lens that comes with the body and it is 28mm X 84mm (35mm equivalent)

I have the G2 Refurb mentioned b/4 and it's great, but I also have a Bridge camera (Panasonic FZ50) that I love too, although it's old now.
if you definitely want a bridge cam I'd recommend one of the Panasonic range, the FZ 150 has very good reviews and are well priced due to the new FZ200 coming out soon.
IMO I think Bridge cams have their place if you get a good'n.

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