brezze block mounting


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Hi, my aunt bought a panasonic px80 and wants to mount it to the wall.

The wall they want to mount it to is is an interior wall so it is basically just plasterboard then breeze blocks, i've read so many things from having to use resin and then other members saying not to use resin but just use long bolts.

Would it be ok if I just use the 100mm m8 bolts from b&q? if not could someone please post a link as to what I need.



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If you can find them in boxes of less than 100, use these


Alternatively, find a window fitter and cadge a couple off him.

I've used these screws into all sorts.

They are holding the shelves up in my garage, direct into breeze block with no plug, they are holding the sink up in my bathroom direct to concrete, and the held up a 21" CRT on a bracket direct into timber. I am yet to find a stronger fixing that is easier to use into concrete/brick.

All you need on top is a long enough masonary drill, 5.5mm IIRC



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Except if you go down that route use a rawl plug at the very least to keep the screwws in place for years to come else you'll be picking your screen up off the floor like M.r Alun will be in a few years time ;) (only kidding, you're a braver man than me though!)

I dont know the size of this screen so i dont know how much weight is going to be on this bracket! I'd just go buy 6 - 8 anchor bolts from screwfix or b&q and use them :)


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