Breaking large clip into smaller chunks

I am a newbie to camcorders and when on holiday I captured about 35min of footage onto a tape. I have lent my daughter the camcorder for her holiday, so downloaded the whole clip to pc.

What I would like to do is split the clip into smaller portions.

I cannot find how to do it. I am using Premier 6.

Any help appreciated


The way I would do it is:

import the clip into the 'bin'
put the clip onto the 'timeline'
play the clip from the timeline and edit the 'in point' and 'outpoint' which then deletes the rest of the clip.
save that section as a DV clip to the HDD
repeat again for the next required section

Once you have all the required clips start a new project, import all the individual clips and edit as required.

Not sure if this is the only or even best way to do it, but I find it easier than manual capture when working with analogue clips from VCR etc.

The only other way I can think of doing it is to use a prog such as Scenanalyzer and 'capture' the footage from the HDD and let it create individual files.



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I've never understood why programs like Premier and Pinnacle Edition don't have a feature like virtually all the lower end editing suites where it automatically detects scene breaks and splits the footage accordingly.


Perhaps someone who's into professional editing can explain why this is?


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I've been chopping up big avi files simply in XP Movie maker. It's pretty good...for MS.

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