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Had my CA Azur 640r for about 3 weeks now and people are telling me the more I use it the better it will sound and its called breaking it in.

Why is this and what actually happens to the amp during this phase? How best is to break it in?

I cranked it up last week and it was the first time that the fan had come on, however when I stopped playing the music the fan remained on for a while but due to no sound I could hear the fan making a clicking sound. Is this normal. The fan stopped after a while after it had cooled down but the clicking sound from the fan I am also wondering if it is defective? At volumes you dont hear the clicking sound.


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I doubt breaking in an amp is necessary. It is required with speakers because speakers have moving parts, but running electrical components in is snake oil ;)

Leaving electrical components on can make a slight difference because signals conduct better along warm circuits.

An amplifier may sound better after is has been powered up a while, but there should be no need to run the amp in and audio quality shouldn't improve with age. Some audiophiles never switch their components off in order to keep them warm and others don't start using them unless the components have had a chance to warm up.

If you persistently use your amp at high volumes you run the risk of shortening its life span and do not improve its audio qualities!
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Nothing like the smell of burning Onkyo in the morning. Along with the contents of your house :D

You can always scrape the black bits off though and spread butter on them :hiya:

I think the Onkyo situation is due to their reliance on old school solid state amplification? Sony use digital amplifiers. The Onkyo weight and size issue is also probably due to the use of solid state too?
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Stop right now Dante01! I like old school.

You manage to turn it around again though "Onkyo weight and size issue" . Are you suggesting they are morbidly obese?

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