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Hi Everyone,

I recently installed my new Earthquake MiniMe 10 V.2 and love it. I pumped it, not overly too hard, but hard enough in the first few days that I got it. It created a lot of heat, so I shut it down to not over work it. It seemed to work fine. Recently, it's been producing a lot less heat, which I assume is good.

I had no ideas about break in periods until I looked up proper care. Could I have done damage to the woofer for pushing too early or causing heat? Or are break-in periods just periods where performance will improve over time. Are these leakers not designed to 'pump' out of the box?



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Some people swear by break-in periods for AV kit (even in something like a metal wire, which I'd like to see the science behind...) whereas others think it's a load of old nonsense as things should just work as they are designed to do from the off.

That there isn't overwhelming evidence either way is probably indicative that we're fine either way ;)


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I think the idea is to run it in like you would a car, and not over crank it until the 50hrs are over. It will work as intended from the get go - but if you wack it up to reference levels straight away then it's just asking for trouble - most speakers have moving parts (especially subs with long throw extension) that work and sound better once bedded in. :)

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