Bravias - will the average Joe notice much difference on a 100hz?


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Apologies for the mundane topic, however I am in a bit of a dilema which I hope you can shed some light on. I am in the market for a new 1080p Sony Bravia 40" and have been watching the prices of the X2000 and W2000 closely to the point where I thought I was going to order one this weekend...

I now learn (having been advised to look at the Sony site) that the newer versions of these screens are due out very soon and they have 100hz, so my question....

For your averge Joe who doesn't interogate every pixel on the screen - but does appreciate and require a good 1080p picture - will a 100hz be worth paying the extra for? Where would the 100hz be most noticable? Once I have the answers to those Q's (especially the latter) I can then work out if I require it or not.

Obviously the two aformentioned screens can be bought at a good discount currently, so answers on a postcard please.




100Hz do an improve on fast moving scenes and football!!You will see a difference!!!(not huge difference)


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Thanks chaps, I guess I'm just being sucked in by wanting to have the 'latest' thing then!

However, no harm in checking. I think I might hold off for a week or so and wait for the new models to start hitting the shops - I'll then see if I can get an X2000 at rock bottom price or ring up and try to do some sort of deal with a home cinema system.


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