Question Bravia XBR65X 900F and original xbox issues


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I am having issues with my original xbox after upgrading from XBR65X 930D to 900F.

The specs for the TV say it supports 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i which are the resolutions used by the original xbox.

I've bypassed my AVR and connected the Xbox directly to the TV to determine which was causing the problem.

Basically when I start a game, the screen will flash to black as if the signal is not supported. Several seconds later the signal will be shown for half a second or so, then back to black. This pattern repeats, but the time the screen is black is not consistent. Generally there is no sound while the screen is black, but sound will play during the brief second the signal is shown.

I have tried the two HDMI adapters below, both with the same results. The adapters work fine with the 930D, but not the 900F.

Amazon product
Amazon product

I've tried various picture settings, but couldn't find any option that improved the situation.

Do I have a defective TV? Any idea how I can properly display original xbox on this TV?
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