Bravia W5100 to Laptop (WinXP) via VGA Connection Problem


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I was hoping someone here could give me a hand with this as the manual that came with the TV is basically useless.

I'm using a Lenovo X60 and attempting connect it to my Bravia via a VGA cable but the TV won't recognize the input. On the input menu the "PC" option remains grayed out.

I'm using Windows XP and I've tried fiddling around with the display settings but I'm a bit out of my depth. Any ideas?


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Hmm - TV's are normally pretty dumb/particular as they will only display something they are totally happy with. So I would start on the PC, have you go the latest graphics card drivers? You normally have to press Function+f7 or something to get the computer to actually output from the PC. have you tried DVI instead? Maybe try dropping the resolution down to something like 800x600 and work up from there?


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Hi I have a kdl40w5710 which I have hooked up to an old Dell laptop. I set the tv to the pc setting, and on the laptop pressed the f8 button which might also have crt/lcd on it. This makes the computer use the tv as the monitor.
I used a 15 pin SVGA + 3.5mm audio combo cable which I bought off ebay for £8, and have since bought an IBM thinkcentre and a Keysonic wifi keyboard with pad. I can now surf and view films off the internet all from the comfort of my chair on my tv, well pleased.

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