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Also posted in the LCD section but no joy there - Is there anything I can do to improve my football experience on this set? When it pans across the field the sets looses definition. I have full pixel on, HD box settings at 1080i, sharpness at minimum. MPEG and noise reduction off.

I will even consider changing the HDMI lead if people think this will help.

Very impressed with the set but clouding and loss of definition are my two gripes that I would like to do something about (clouding for another day).

Thanks in advance.

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try 720p and see if that helps.i have a 46w and it does not have clouding but a friend has the same set and its going in for repair to sort out the clouding issue.
do you see patches of gray/white on dark pictures?
many will argue that a branded hdmi lead will not make a difference.
but i disagree,the better the copper (cleaner) the faster a signal can get from one end to the other and without any resistance.good luck
Changing the HDMI cable will make zero difference - if you're seeing blurring on fast camera pans, it's just a limitation of LCD technology sadly.

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i was misunderstood.i did not say a hdmi lead will help on the blurring.i said 720p will proberly help.the comment on hdmi leads did not refer to the blurring issue but on the overall picture.i am aware of the response times on lcd.the w is 8msec.the 720p will help more on a 46w then on the 40w,i would have a play
between the two (720p/1080i)to find what you like best.

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