Bravia Sync issues with Apple TV



Hi All I have the following kit

  • Sony TV KDL32EX401
  • Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S370
  • Sony Surround Sound HT-AS5 Amp built in to Sub Woofer
  • Sky HD Box
  • WII
  • Apple TV

It is all connected in the following way:

  • Wii connected to TV Via Component
  • TV Connected to AMP Via Optical TV Input and HDMI TV Output
    (Optical is for the WII to play through surround; TV Does not support ARC)
  • Sky Connected to TV via HDMI and AMP via Optical on SAT Input
    (Because Sky does not output 5.1 via HDMI)
  • Blu Ray Connected to AMP via HDMI BD Input
  • Apple TV Connected to AMP via HDMI DVD Input

Before the Apple TV was connected this setup worked quite well occasionally when powering up the Bravia Sync would not work, so I used to get the TV to scan for devices - as expected the tv would then list all the Sony devices and it would all work again.

When the Apple TV is connected and Bravia sync is working I have no problems I can even scan for HDMI devices on the TV and it would work as expected.

The issue I have is when the sync decides not to work from power on. if I scan for devices as I used to, the tv will not find any. I have tried everything I can think off to resolve this issue including:

  • Switching off power to Apple TV and re-powering AMP.
  • Disconnecting HDMI at the Apple TV end and re-powering Surround.
  • Turning off ARC in the AMP
  • Updating TV firmware

The only thing that seems to work is:
  1. Power down the AMP
  2. Disconnecting the Apple TV at the AMP DVD HDMI Input
  3. Power up the AMP
  4. Scan for HDMI devices via the Bravia Sync menu on TV
  5. Sony devices are then found again
  6. Power down the AMP
  7. Replug the HDMI lead into the DVD input
  8. Power up AMP

All is well until the next time bravia sync is lost.

As you can imagine this is a pain to do every time due to accessibility of leads and power sockets.

Apologies for the long post, I just wanted to make sure I left nothing out.

TIA If someone can help.

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