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Bravia KDL40VL160 photo displays too narrow. Can I make them wider?


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I have a Sony 16Gb USB flash I use to display photographs on my new BRAVIA KDL40VL160. The B has a display resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels (16/9 or 1.78 aspect). My Nikon D70 captures hi res pictures at 3008 X 2000 (1.5 ). The B display of my photos looked narrower than they should so I measured the image on the screen with a tape measure & discovered that the aspect was 1.33 compared to the 1.5 the photo should be, confirming my hunch. Ironically, my HP 2207 pc monitor also has a 1.78 native aspect but displays the photos at an aspect of 1.6 (by measurement), wider than the 1.5 native res of the photo.
I find the wider aspect more pleasing than the 1.33 & would prefer that on my B. Using the B hand control I went to "Photo Settings"---"Display Size" & tried to select "Expanded size" but a message came up saying "Feature not Available."
My questions are:
1. Why does the bravia display the image in a 1.33 aspect?
2. Why is the choice not available?
3. What exactely does "Expanded Image" mean anyway. I assume that it means that the image will be made wider but I couldn't find any info about it. Since I must have a photo selected in order to get into this menu does that mean I can't make it a default settng?
All help appreciated.

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