Bravia KDL-37EX503 System Info query


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Good afternoon,

This is probably going to sound like a stupid question but I'm hoping a pro out there can help me.

I have the above TV, it has a 5 year warranty and it developed an HDMI fault so I have had a couple of guys out today who have replaced the main PCB board on the TV. All started working great so they left. I started setting the TV back up again to all the settings I had before and I noticed when I went into the System Information menu the model and serial number is now blank. I rung up the company who came out and did the warranty repair and just got a "does it not have a sticker on the back telling you?" I told him yes, but thats not the point it should tell you the information there as well. Still waiting for a call back...

But I was wondering if anyone on hear knows how to add this information back in, whether it be via the Service Menu or other means, I'm a technical person, and I like things to be right.



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Looks like theres more to this than just the system information missing, if the tv is turned off for about 5 minutes where it goes into the full standby (so quick startup is disabled) then i just get a flashing red light.

They are going to get back to me on it but suspect the software which is applied from the memory stick didnt have the full package (model-id) or something...
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