bravia goes darker in dark scenes an goes brighter in light scenes


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the tv is a kdl 40v 4000. i hope you guys understand what i mean lol.its mainly when i watch movies off my hardrive(ps3).in darker scenes the tv kinda dimms a little then it goes back to normal brightness when it recognises a lighter allmost certain its the tv an not the ps3 cos ive noticed it while watching end credits of a ps3 game[when white credits popped up its fine,when they scroll off it dimms]. is it some kind of energy saving feature i can turn off(ive looked everywhere). as i say, i hope you see what i mean. thanks guys:)


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Could be some of the advanced menu settings - such as dynamic contrast. This continually adjusts the contrast levels based on the image shown on screen, so may explain why it changes between dark/light scenes.

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You must have you picture setting on dynamic. To stop this, change to Normal and go into advanced picture settings. Choose Adv Contrast Enhancer to off.


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thanks alot guys.i found the advanced contrast enhancer an turned it off. all fine now,thanks again for your help,this was bugging me:thumbsup:

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