Brave New World Season 1 (Sky/Now) TV Show Review & Comments

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In my opinion Brave New World presented a good alternative dystopian universe of a world dominated by AI and mood altering drugs, this concept may not be that far fetched maybe 20 years from now with brain implants being researched for AI, by then capturing the human consciousness could become a real possibility, much like the idea worked on in HBO Max's Raised by Wolves where humankind could be preserved by Androids, even sociopathic ones who want to be human themselves.
Obviously the world depicted in Brave New World is necessarily constrained, you would imagine that life as it then existed would be a lot more otherworldly than the limited main characters depicted in this series, but overall the producers did a good job of science fiction, which is all I look for.
As much as I enjoyed this show, Brave New World may struggle to get renewed for season 2.
I will rate it 7 out of 10.


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I plugged away at this to the end - albeit after 2-3 episodes it became filler, background TV for me.

Started well but became too turgid and bloated in the middle 4 episodes or so. I'm all for long form story telling for a single story over one season but this needed tightening up. Over-bloated with not enough plot or strong enough writing to string out over 9 episodes.

By the end I was probably unsympathetic with the characters. Felt no empathy for them.

I may come back for S2 if one is commissioned. Having waited until I got to the end and the polarising comments here on back of Cas review I have to agree for me personally it was a solid 5/10.

For S2 if it comes up I would have liked to have seen some more background and context to the events causing this utopia setup and how the savage lands were left behind.


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Does Season 1 end with some sort of closure, or will it require further seasons? If it's the former, I'll give it a go, otherwise I'll wait until a second season is given the go ahead before starting it.

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Does Season 1 end with some sort of closure, or will it require further seasons? If it's the former, I'll give it a go, otherwise I'll wait until a second season is given the go ahead before starting it.
Season 1 of Brave New World offered both an ending and a teasing chance of continuance.
The final episode does provide a satisfactory conclusion for most viewers who stayed for the whole show, but because dystopian sci-fi series can be notoriously difficult to end without leaving an open ended plot it will be potentially frustrating for some of the shows fans having just one season, so speculation about whether the producers will make season 2 is inevitable.
With COVID-19 disrupting the movie and TV industry production schedules I believe it will be unlikely that Brave New World will be renewed mostly because of the complexity and large budget necessary, but I hope I'm wrong, the more sci-fi the better.


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Take away all the faux sex and all you have is an American saving the British in New London, which, having been done many times before in one way or another, is boring. As for it being a Sky Original, well on NowTV it expires on 27/12/20, and the closing credits tattoo its US credentials. That the so-British New Londoners all speak American English grated with me too. I’m not anti-American, but after such a big build-up I was expecting more than this poor re-imagining (sic) of Aldous Huxley’s book.

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Just finished this and thought it was actually pretty decent. Went in with low expectations but to be fair the acting, sets, sfx were all very good. Interesting story and yes you do get that westworld vibe. If this is the future put me down as an A+ :D

Anyway what the hell was in the box?


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I really enjoyed this show, it took me 3 days to binge it, I am only posting because I would happily recommend people watch this and thought the score was harsh.

It did feel very influenced by Westworld to me, certainly the changes versus previous versions seemed somewhat Westworld inspired.

I think it is unfair to say people are watching for the T&A. I felt it was mainly in the background, although the promise may have attracted some viewers.

I rather enjoy American shows with British casts. I didn't feel at all that I was getting the impression that an American was saving the Brits. I felt that many people played their part in the story and enjoyed most of the character arcs.

Like Westworld, the best thing about this kind of show is it makes you think about life and the future, although it was maybe not as tightly written as Westworld. Key to this kind of thing is to not treat your audience as idiots and I don't remember any )moments where I felt it was being ridiculous or patronising (it is a few weeks ago now though).

As seems to so often be the norm nowadays, it was very nice to look at although maybe not quite up there with some of the highest budget productions.

I'd give it 7/10 and I hope we get he season 2 that was set up, although it doesn't look to have been confirmed yet.

I really don't disagree with anything in the original review, it did indeed seem like Westworld-lite. However I think it has been unfairly marked down for this. On its own merits I think it was much better than 5/10, but that is just my opinion.

Not sure why the review kept mentioning worries re a BSG reboot from Peacock. I love BSG, I just watched it again from start to finish and consider it one of the best TV series of all time. I don't mind if it is rebooted, again I will just watch the reboot and judge it on its own merits. It doesn't detract from the original. Of course, the "original" was a reboot. So by the same argument fans of the 1978 series could have stopped one of the best shows ever being made.


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Just watched episode 4 and still enjoying it. great acting form all the principal cast, amazing visuals and special effect. Looking forward to the next episode! Would have watched more if I wasn’t so busy with work! When it comes to reviews I always prefer looking at what the regular viewers think, not so much the professional reviewers as I don’t watch films to be super critical, but to enjoy and get lost in another world for a short time. Most viewers will enjoy this, but like everything else you cant please everyone.


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No second series. I read something somewhere yesterday that it has been scrubbed. I doubt if I’d bother watching a second series. IMO the first series was pretty dire.


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Finished watching all 9 Episodes. ratings below

Acting 10
picture 10
story 7
sound 7

story could have been more gripping, saying that I still enjoyed the whole series because of the acting and the beautiful world they created. these are just my opinion..we all have different taste. looking forward to season 2

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