Braun Audio LE01 Premium Hi-Fi Smart Speaker Review & Comments


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No Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, UPNP, AptX HD or AptX etc. - and a poor app to support it so it only manages 9/10. What a bargain :thumbsup:


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Quite a left field surprise then. Its refreshing to have a quality newcomer to shake the market a little bit of a shame it lacks a few features and connections, however if thats what they beleive the market wants who are we to judge? I am sure JLP will sell loads.
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£1100 for a single speaker with no real smarts. I can’t help but look at this and think, a pair of Sonos Fives would blow this away for less money, more features, better separation, stereo imaging, fully integrated app and more…


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No digital input?

Relying exclusively on Chromecast and Airplay?

Seems a bit 2000 ish.

With an optical and or HDMI this could have made a top class sound bar too.

Think they may have missed a trick or two.


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You could lob a Yamaha WXAD-10 into the aux input (if it’s any good) but that sort of defeats the purpose of a box like this.

A shame indeed. As a tv sound bar and music provider for the main room this could have been first class. Fit, forget and thoroughly enjoy.

As it is, it doesn’t fit anywhere. 🤷‍♀️


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It's Pure (them boys what make the DAB radios) who've licensed the brand from P&G and aped some old Dieter Rams designs.. The real Braun made some crazy gorgeous hi-fi gear back in the day. Google "Braun Atelier hi-fi.."

Captain Ron

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What app was used to test local network audio library playback?

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