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Braun Audio. The LE Series.
Who are we and what do we do.

By Barbara Sprick, Brand Marketing Manager at

After three decades, the iconic design speakers by Braun are back: the ultimate combination of form and function, the LE range is eye-catching without being intrusive. Offering the perfect balance of unparalleled performance in a minimalist form, showcasing the perfected rigour of Brauns decade long German craftsmanship. What AVForums thinks about the LE01, the biggest speaker in the range, you can read in their latest review!


The premium hi-fi speakers have multi room functionality, as well as the ability to be wirelessly stereo paired: Individually, when positioned in landscape mode, LE01 and LE02 will perform as perfect integrated stereo speakers. When in portrait orientation, using floor stands, they can be configured into a stereo pair with each speaker assuming single audio channel duties (left or right). The stand also offers more flexibility of placement for the speaker and the pole has enough space for the cable to run through, ensuring a smooth and handy cable management system.

Stands Promotion. Your next live event is on us.

For those looking to purchase a speaker with a stand, Braun now has a special offer: register your speaker with stand purchase online and download a £50 voucher to use on any upcoming live concert here:
In the UK, Braun speakers are exclusively sold on and at The Conran Shop!


Live music vs. the at home experience.

This begs the question - where is music best enjoyed, at home and through a high quality speaker, or at a live event?

As pointed out by The Guardian “there comes a point in life when the full festival experience loses its attractiveness”. Some would argue that there’s nothing better than listening to your favourite artist in the comfort of your own home and on a quality sound system such as the Braun Audio LE Range, whilst others are happy to compromise on the sound quality with a live music experience to really capture the atmosphere. New research reveals that the most popular song to sing in the shower is Wham!’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, suggesting that people love to enjoy their own morning worldwide tour in private. Or if pop isn’t your thing, air-guitar to your favourite rock tunes whilst trialling out the sound system of the LE range by Braun Audio.

When attending a live music event, you have a fully immersive experience, with the sound bolstered by what is seen on stage and the natural high you receive from the electric atmosphere. With there being a large difference in sound quality between live and recorded music; at Braun Audio, the LE range delivers exceptional detail and clarity at any volume setting, which is better than you’d expect at a live music venue.

The one thing however it can’t directly replicate, is the emotional connection from watching and listening to live music. With Tone Deaf identifying fifteen bands that sound exactly the same live as they do recorded; there’s no reason you can’t close your eyes and enjoy a premium sound experience from your sofa, transporting you to a live gig or giving you all the musical feels from the comfort of your own home. So where does that leave you; are you the getting lost in the crowd type, or do you enjoy listening to music in the luxury of your own home? Or both, but with different styles of music maybe?
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