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Hi all, :hiya:

Just in the middle of upgrading my AV setup and am now onto the speaker stage. I would like to spend around the £1K mark but could probably stretch it to £1.5k if necessary. I wasn't thinking about using my new AV setup for much music as I have an old ut ok-ish hifi, but we have now decided to get rid of the hifi to create more room in our living area so we now need the speakers to be good all-rounders (around 40% = games, 30% = movies, 30% = music).

I have yet to demo anything on the speaker front yet as I am not entirely sure what I am looking for apart from the fact I am buying a 7.1 amp but want to start off with a 5.1 setup - which leads me into question number 1:

Is it better to mix the makes of speakers between subs, centre, fronts and rears or do the speaker packages work just as well?

Secondly I like my music loud - we quite often invite half the street round for parties etc so as I can enjoy loud music without causing issues with the neighbours ;) So these speakers need to be able to withstand regular beatings of dance music and booming basslines.

Thirdly - space is not an issue neither are looks, so my next question is, is it better to buy floor standing, sattelite/bookshelf etc?

I have been looking at the SVS SBS-01 & SB12 Sub 5.1 Speaker Package and will hopefully arrange a demo of these soon. But any advise will be thankfully accepted and greatly appreciated.


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To answer your question, it's said that the front 3 should be the same make and range so you get the best tone match.
The rears can be different, as they do significantly less work, but even then, some people say you're still better sticking to the same make.
Subwoofers are a different thing and here any good sub can be used, regardless of make, because there is no tone matching involved.

The SVS are certainly worth a listen. Those coupled with a £500 amp could certainly do the job and I've found mine to be bomb-proof, up to now.
If you can go to a bigger sub, you might want to consider moving up to the PB10 or PB12 or the BK monolith. All of those are a little bit better than the SB12+ (IMO) and certainly 2 of them are cheaper.

You may do better with floorstanders and here I'd suggest the second hand route, because the SVS are, again IMO, extremely good value for money and hard to beat new.


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I think you are a good candidate for Klipsch. Give them a listen, I am quite sure you will like them. They will blow you away with games for sure. And they will make a lot of fun with movies with a very lively sound. And... they love parties! They can play very loud. The disadvantage is that they are not very neutral.

Otherwise, I subscribe of course everything Badger0-0 wrote.

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