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This may have been covered before but I MISSED IT could somebody please explain what the difference in branded and unbranded. To me branded means a brand name but I have seen TDK unbranded discs. Can any one explain, thank you.


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"Branded" usually refers to the more (well) known names like e.g. Denon, Onkyo, Yamaha, Arcam etc. while unbranded refers to very cheap products like all those budget DVD players for less than 200 quid. Sometimes they are also called "no-name" products and usually those companies don't offer a full range of products either.

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Originally posted by niccam
TDK unbranded discs. Can any one explain, thank you.
I would imagine that they're TDK disks, but they don't say that they are (i.e. they are not 'branded' as such).

Similar to when famous manufacturers make products for supermarkets which are repackaged in the supermarket's own name, so you'd never know which manufacturer's food you were actually buying.

Of course, if they're unbranded, how do you check if the disks you have received are in fact what the company have stated they are? It calls for a certain degree of trust in the company you're buying from. ;)


We make PC's for a living and the difference between branded and unbranded is that if Samsung make a branded monitor it has a Samsung badge on the front - if we get quoted an unbranded Samsung monitor then it is made by some unknown (in this case Xiod), but is using the Samsung design. This can mean anything from it being built and sold to trade by Samsung down to the 'unbranded' company buying the Samsung board layouts and building their own using that. Pretty broad I'm afraid!

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