'Branded' 37" for Circa £500?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Miss Chief, Jan 16, 2008.

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    My ex wife is after a new telly, her 32" Daewoo CRT is making high pitched squealing noises and appears to be on it's way out so she's after a 37" LCD for around about £500. She probably could go slightly higher but probably max £550. Being that she knows sod all about LCD TV's she asked me and while I know a bit I'm not really up to date with the latest or best TV's. She's not to bothered about a particular brand as long as it's not a 'no-name' so something by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp or LG etc would be wonderful. She uses it for the Wii, she has a V+ box so might watch some HD stuff but it'll mainly be for SD viewing of DVD's with the kids and standard def tv channels. Any thoughts? I've been looking at the Sammy LE37R87BD and a few others but not really sure TBH! Online is fine as she's in most days and doesn't mind buying online. I'll probably drag her round a Comet or a Currys at some point over the next few days so she can get an idea of what's available.

    Hitachi 1080p set for £500 from Richer Sounds?!?!? Hitachi L37V01U, any thoughts on this one? Is it better to buy a 1080p set in case Virgin/whoever buys them next do eventually start showing 1080p broadcasts? What about the Sharp LC37AD5E?

    One thing she did ask was if it's possible to secure any TV to a stand using more than gravity? Basically the 4 kids can be a little boisterous and she's worried about the TV falling off the unit she has if the kids bump into it. Any stand recommendations that might offer this feature or any other ideas?
    Thanks guys :)

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