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There is a seller on Ebay selling brand new OLED TV's on Ebay and a decent discounted price, I contacted the seller yesterday asking about the history of the TV's , He told me that he gets then from Curry's, and that's all he would tell me.
The TV's come with the Manufacturers warranty , So i contacted a couple of Manufacturers who told me that yes, If i buy a new TV from Ebay , Then they would give me 2 years warranty just has long as the serial number hasn't been registered since its down to the TV and not the seller, One manufacture told me that i could buy the TV from a man in the street and i would be able to get the warranty and if anything goes wrong , Then they will try and sort it Via online/phone call or home repair.

The Ebay seller states cash on collection and no other form of payment.
With 40% off a new TV , Its tempting , But the question is , How can this seller get a Brand new TV from Curry's and sell it at a discount.

Would like to hear any thoughts on this.

The Seller has a TV repair shop, So i did think , Maybe Shop returns and refurbished, But when i spoke to the seller , He said No, That the TVs are new and in the box


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If he really sells brand new TVs in an unopened box with a full manufacturer's warranty at a 40% discount, there would be queues round the block.

While 'cash on collection' looks like it might remove any worries about paying up front and not receiving the goods , you've got to ask yourself how many legitimate businesses only deal in cash ?

If it looks too good to be true...


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I have checked the seller out, Checked with Ebay, Everything above board with Ebay with protection if i press the buy button but noted no feedback from any buyers , So guess the seller might have away to avoid paying Ebay.
Checked with the Manufactures regards warranty, All is Okay
The seller runs a Shop and spoke to him on the phone

He is however bad at replying to ebay messages, So doesn't want anything in black and white.

He states the following
New in box with all accessories
With manufacture warranty
No paypal
Cash on collection
Costumers are welcome to see and check the TV before purchaing


Its the fear of doubt and to good to be true that's a put off

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So doesn't want anything in black and white.

And that's enough of an alarm bell.

Everything above board with Ebay with protection if i press the buy button but noted no feedback from any buyers

Not without Paypal or going through ebay.
ebay protection excludes items that are sold in person and not over the internet.

No feedback. Huge alarm bell.

IMO, at best, you're potentially purchasing stolen goods.
Worst case scenario, you're turning up with a bunch of cash on a promise (Have you seen Pulp Fiction and The Gimp?)

Sloppy Bob

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Most of them are last years models, so they are discounted heavily but still suspiciously cheap.

It's your money. I wouldn't touch it.

The fact you're asking on here means you know there's something off about it.

These are last years models, came from Currys (maybe), he's a TV repair shop.
At best (IMO) they're refurbs with a short warranty.

I'm quite happy buying a refurb, but is the manufacturer warranty still intact as it's not new anymore?
Will he honour the warranty?

I've said my piece. I'm out.


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Just had a quick look, they are 100% returns.

As I said, one mans "Brand New" isn't the same as another mans "Brand New".

I wouldn't consider it brand new if I received a box that looked like this;



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TBH, I buy many refurb Tech from Tablets, to DVD players or a 32" TV for the bedroom but not at the price that these TV's are at and a fear that i could say goodbye to a grand.

I thought maybe a good chance that someone else might know about these TVs and how this bloke is buying them so cheap.
I have bought items from Curry's Ebay site that are returns with a decent discount, So currys some how have a buyer for shop returns in stead of going through Ebay
If i was able to use my Credit card to buy, Then at least that would give me protection.

Hopefully maybe Currys will offer a discount on old stock soon

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