BRAND NEW SKY+ (80gb) for £99!!

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by The Foot, Sep 19, 2005.

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    Guys, Just thought I'd say a big thank you to the advice I followed on here.

    I was after the refurbished £49 gear and so rang cancellations dept and said I wasn't happy and asked about refurb pack. Lady said she had no idea of any offer like this!!

    So I asked to speak to manager and after about 5 mins he came on line and offered me brand NEW SKY+ for £99!!

    I asked what the catch was (ie multi-room etc) and he said none I could have a direct replacement for my SKY for £99 installed. I then told him my dish is on roof so would I have to pay extra for that (which I was happy to do) but he said not a prob it would still be £99.

    I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and they came and installed today. Bloke was very good and he let me keep my old box as well.

    So I didn't want to count my chickens by coming on here when I ordered it cos I didn't believe it would happen but it's all in. AND the best news is that it the new PACE box with 80gb. Well pleased so far. Let's hope it all goes ok!!

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