brand new plasma running hours?


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I was wandering what is the number of runnings hours a brand new plasma set has? I know is not zero, since the sets need to be on a certain amount of time for quality control.

I´m in the process of exchanging my defective px60 for a px70, after a long struggle with the retailer and Panasonic Spain. However, I'm afraid they try to give me "the finger" via a showroom set or a returned item instead of a brand new one. I know this kind of thing is not an urban legend...


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The very first thing a friend did when he got a new pioneer 4270 was check the service menu and it showed 0000 hours of use

I would imagine that only a certain proportion of TVs are turned on for quality control purposes and even the ones that were turned on shouldnt be too difficult for the manufacturer to reset back to zero


With how cheap the Pioneers are getting, it wouldn't suprise me if they're not tested at all, maybe just a random 1 in 50/100.

Even if they were turned on to test, they probably only do a quick check for blatantly obvious problems or numerous dead pixels. The set won't show 1 hour of use until it reaches the the end of that hour, so it might have been on for 5 mins or 55 mins.

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