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For Sale Brand New KEF T305 T301 T2 T-2 subwoofer Bose 100 Tannoy Revolution rC

Discussion in 'Archived Classifieds' started by brucemiranda, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. brucemiranda

    brucemiranda Active Member

    Jul 4, 2011
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    My Loss is your Gain!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    I know everyone trying to sell something says that but in this case it truly is a chance to buy a brilliant set.

    Included in this sale are

    1. Two Kef T301 speaker. Brand New items sealed with all the parts included i.e. wall mount, desk stand, manuals, warranty card etc.
    2. One Kef T-2 Subwoofer. Brand New in sealed box.
    3. Optional : Two Bose Model 100 rear speakers in White. Used but in good condition. Complete with box and wall mounting brackets etc.
    4. Optional : Tannoy Revolution rC Centre speaker in Black Ash. Used but in great condition. Complete with box and manuals etc.

    I will include the manuals and warranty cards for the Kef speakers. These were bought this week and also come with 5 years warranty from the vendor I bought them from. The only reason I am selling this instead of returning it back is because I have mounted the fronts on the wall already.

    See the product manuals below.
    Home Theatre Speakers - T Series - Fact Sheets - Systems - T305 - KEF United Kingdom
    Bose Model 100 | Bose® model 100 speakers - Owner's guide

    I will send you the optional speakers only if you ask for them. I am including them only to sell a complete 5.1 system but you may decide that a 2.1 system is what you need.

    This is why I have these items for sale.

    I bought a Brand New Kef T305 system to replace my current 5.1 set-up. These award winning Kef T series speakers are extremely slim and project only 1.5 inch from the wall. The T305 system comes with 5 speakers and a subwoofer. We had auditioned the T205 system in the shop and the wife approved of it. However I was a bit cheeky and paid for the T305 system which comes with 5 full sized speakers instead of the two small rears in the T205. After I mounted the front speakers around the TV my wife saw the size of the rear speakers and nearly threw a fit. She will not allow me to put those speakers up. Hence selling only the two speakers from the set, this is available as the T301 and are used as the front speakers around a flat screen TV. Note: I have not opened the speakers from their cases and you will get absolutely brand new speakers. But the box they will be sent it will stuff missing as I have used 3 speakers from the set.

    To make matters worse the T-2 sub-woofer won't fit where our old Bose sub-woofer used to fit. Thats the reason why that is for sale as well. I didn't even open that from the box.

    The Tannoy Revolution rC was my old centre speaker which is absolutely brilliant. It twin ported, bi-amp capable with gold speaker posts.

    The Bose Model 100 speaker were used as my rear speakers. They blend in well with the walls as they are white. The wall mounts were never used and are included too.

    Available to buy from me directly via the forum or listed on ebay

    Brand New KEF T305 T301 T2 T-2 subwoofer Bose 100 Tannoy Revolution rC Speakers 0637203207631 | eBay

    Location: Watford
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  2. p.booth

    p.booth Active Member

    Oct 8, 2002
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    when posting for sale on the forums they shouldn`t be for sale any where else.

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