brainwave hdvr 1190 personnal video recorder

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    hi, i ve found this on, this is a dvd player with a hard disk inside allowing some time shifting,

    the hard disk can be up to 160GO and self-changed

    Brainwave HDVR 1190 40GB

    * Code for Europe and England
    • DVD player and Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
    • Play DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD-DA, Mp3
    • Tuner support PAL/SECAM, 625 lines at 50Hz,
    cable TV & NTSC, 525 lines at 60Hz, cable TV
    • Record TV program into HDD disc
    • Time-shifting recording using the HDD
    (Play and record at the same time)
    • Play external DVD and record on the HDD
    at the same time
    • Programming to record TV input at given time and date
    • Display up to 8 programs in a play list per page
    • Navigate through play list
    • Display current recording schedule list, up to 36 programs
    • Navigation of current recording schedule list
    • Fan and ventilation for cooling
    • Auto-protection circuit for HDD overheat
    • Rubber damper for HDD vibration protection
    • HDD size 40GB normal. Compatible with HDD from
    most vendors and different capacity
    (Optional size 40GB to 160GB)
    • Up to 8 OSD language.

    In / Outputs
    • 3 sets of Composite Video input
    • 3sets of two-channel Audio input
    • TV tuner RF IN & OUT
    • Microphone input
    • 6-channel audio output (AC-3)
    • One composite video output
    • One S-video output
    • One digital coaxial S/PDIF output
    • 2 Scart I/O

    i ve already contacted brainwave to ask if it can be use as a mp3 jukebox but it seems it is impossible with the actual version of the firmware, the new version beeing released these times

    i have also leaved a message on to see if someone has already tried it out, i will post the answers here as they come



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