Braindead (Peter Jackson)

Timmy C

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Anyone know which is the best version to get? I know the UK one is a waste of time and I think the US version (Dead Alive) is cut so I'm guessing one of the Euro releases is the way to go. Are any of them anamophic and 5.1/DTS? Anyone heard of plans for any special editions? I've wanted this on dvd for ages but never found a decent version. Please help!!


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OVERALL: R2 - German version- for the superior sound.
The Uncut version of Braindead was 104 minutes at the cinema which transfers to 99-100 minutes on video. If the duration is less than 99 minutes it is most likely cut.
All known versions except the American (R rated and Unrated) and Swedish versions are uncut. For more information please check out the IMDB

Timmy C

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So there's no version with English 5.1 ! That sux! I was hoping there may have been some kind of special edition similar to the region one Bad Taste double disc. If anyone hears of any plans for a future release please let me know.



I reckon if you wait something good will pop up later this year.

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