Bracket installation confirmation


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Thanks a lot for your reply,

I was going to put the no more nails type stuff in the holes to help give it some more strength as my walls are renound for being of exceptionally poor quality.

I can't find the studs, as when i tap it all sounds the same, henc me having to trust the plasterboard itself.

The screen is a 42inch Panasonic Px60.


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as long as you put enough fixings in (ie as many as you can!) they will hold ok. alternatively, you could draw round the outline of the wall bracket, so you know where it will be fixed, and use a 5mm drill bit and drill horizontaly in the wall to locate a stud, make sure there are no power cables buried in the wallfirst though.... it will look like swiss cheese but it will be covered by the bracket anyway.
as long as the fixing has the right size hole, it will be fine..... you could always drill a hole slightly smaller so its a nice tight fit. good luck :smashin:


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I took the plunge and ended up taking half my skin off

I decided to use all 10 holes, i decided the outer 4 would have the bigger rawl plug fitting i have bought, i put it in, bashed it home and it went through to the room next door, (Mums room, oh dear) oops.

So have used the smaller ones, and lucky enough for me two of the holes are bang on the stud and is a great bit of wood, so tomorrow i will get some wide and longish wood screws to screw straight in to the wood and then hope for the best :)

Thanks a lot for your reply, your time is really apreciated

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